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sex academy

sex academy

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MissWretchedWriter By MissWretchedWriter Updated Apr 03, 2015

Hi my name is Lili,I'm 17 years old.My parents died in a car accident  My brother sent me to America to continue my education.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked before leaving. He smiled at me. "yes I'm sure." he pats my head before I rode the plane.

The academy is huge.More like a Mansion thn a school.I enter the acedemy and greeted by redhead,pale skin girl. Her green eyes shimiring.

"Hi!" she said. I return her smile, "Who are you?" i ask. Her skirt was so short that her butt is almost seen. "My name is Maya.But people here call me kitty." she said. Smiling."Why?" I ask her,I feel confused.

"Because she's the best student in here." a guy's voice came behind me. I turn around and saw a cute blond,blue eye guy. My brows furrowed. "Wait.What? how come? I mean it doesn't connect." he smirk. "You'll find out soon." Maya said. I nodded,not pushing futher the topic.

"So,since your new,and your here already... what's your nsme?"he said. "Shoudn't I get yours first?" I raise an eyebrow...

sammie_mittlestadt sammie_mittlestadt Feb 15, 2016
It's a good story but learn how to spell. You make them sound like complete idiots.
KrazyGurl42400 KrazyGurl42400 Jul 19, 2016
I'm crying. The head maters first name is my boyfriends name while the last name is my last name. Like should I than that as a sign or what lol
JaimeKnabb JaimeKnabb Jun 14, 2016
Am I the only the only one who isn't fangirling like seriously come on😪😒
CarrieFreemon CarrieFreemon Apr 24, 2016
I'm laughing so hard right now idk why?!😂😂😂😂😂😂✌🏼️💀
Xero982 Xero982 Jan 04, 2016
Translated from stupid: He Chuckled under his breath and sat down in a maroon chair near the fire place. "So, you must be the new girl" he said complacently
sociallygrunge sociallygrunge Sep 13, 2015
everyones liek shawn mendez and im likeeee…  but is he shawn mendez doe?  you thought wrong bitch LMAO