Vampire Bride

Vampire Bride

194K Reads 5.8K Votes 26 Part Story
Belladonna Morte By Vermiculus Completed

This isn't a tale where there are happily ever afters. This is a tale filled with betrayal, lies, tragedy and monsters...

Emily Rosaria was an ordinary young woman with a humble heart who begins to see and experience disturbing events which she believes only exists in fictional novels has caused her to go on the brink of madness until one creature bestowed upon her one of the biggest decision that will change her life forever...

Will she be able to find peace or even love once again? 

Follow her story as she uncovers secrets that caused her to endure such tragedy and torture...

ILuvToRead52 ILuvToRead52 Jul 20, 2016
Great beginning and this is the second time that I'm reading this book ☺
Misakilove123 Misakilove123 Feb 06, 2015
wow I'm really interested in it read mine to its called This is love
- - Feb 01, 2015
Seems like a nice and entertaning book even though I havent started reading it yet
patienceclavelle patienceclavelle Jan 18, 2015
I'm already mad on shatter me ..... Had it on repeat for 3 weeks...... :)
Kemonoshi Kemonoshi Oct 08, 2014
Such mercy.... Really? I'll show the young girl mercy ! Let's kill her ^^
                              Which part of that is that mercy?
ConstanceHeartly ConstanceHeartly Sep 21, 2014
She's just a young girl 
                              from a young family 
                              SPARE HER THIS LIFE FROM THIS MONSTROSITY!