That's my Girl (Camren) ON HOLD.

That's my Girl (Camren) ON HOLD.

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selenatortilforver By SELENATORTILFOREV Updated Feb 24

"I like how you're my sun Lauren" Camila sighs contently, but is soon interrupted when I cut her little bliss short.

"And you're my moon. That's a thousand times better, wanna know why?" I take her silence as a prompt to continue.

"You always hear about how great the sun is, but no-one ever talks about the serenity the moon has. No one ever talks about how the moon lights up the night at its darkest hours, about how it still shines during the day even when you can't see it, it's still there. The moon is one of the greatest things ever, but is always over-shined by the sun. But if anything it's the other way round. Even though they shine in their own ways, they'll always rely on one another like we do. You being my moon is very important to me, and I'll gladly let myself be your sun for as long as you'll let me be"

After finishing off my statement I realised what I had already known- I was more than just in love with Camila, there was something more to it. I'm scared to let myself fall for her, but not everything that falls gets broken? Right?

This is an A/U  (alternate universe) so therefore werewolves, vampires, warlocks etc. exist.

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SaltyNanwoo SaltyNanwoo Jan 12
:0 I thought i was the only one who sees Camren as a werewolf and vampire love story
eatsoulsforbreakfast eatsoulsforbreakfast Jul 31, 2017
An hour and a half damn I can't even bear to stand for more than five minutes 😓😓
Tyler hoeclin omg that would explain lacrosse or is it Tyler posey