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Loving Seasons

Loving Seasons

797K Reads 18.9K Votes 46 Part Story
Janelle Ruiz By greenwriter Updated Nov 11, 2015

Ice, Sam, Vince and Lily Seasons are cousins. Everybody at school sees them as normal as any teenagers at school can be. But the Seasonses have a secret. They are half-human, half-nature. Ice is the son of Winter, Sam of Summer, Vince of Autumn and Lily the daughter of Spring. Loving Seasons is a four-part story that captures teenage love, school struggles and the strong bond of family when things go awry and danger slowly lurks in.

starelena2011 starelena2011 Jun 23, 2016
Percy 😍😍😍😍😙😙😙💟💖💕💔💓💞💝💗
thuyadungphan thuyadungphan Feb 03, 2016
Love your story very much so have to read it all over again until your new chapters
emporer322 emporer322 Jul 26, 2016
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zhenic01 zhenic01 Apr 21, 2015
I just love this line. I don't know but it made me chuckle. HAHAHA!
NeonBubbleFlowerStar NeonBubbleFlowerStar Mar 01, 2015
I love Percy Jackson! I remember watching the movie in 5th grade. Percy Jackson and the Lighting Theif. :)
FaultInOurBookFeels FaultInOurBookFeels Sep 28, 2014
Am i in the right book? I could have sworn I was reading a book with a very similar start...
                              And I liked that book, so... You have a good rating so far! :D