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Heartbreakers [luke hemmings]

Heartbreakers [luke hemmings]

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BubblegumLuke By BubblegumLuke Completed

[EDITING AS OF 22/11/15]
Tall, muscular, honey coloured hair styled in a quiff, baby blue eyes and sun kissed skin - Girls love him. They fall helplessly at his feet and consider it an honour to have a night of pleasure with him. This boy doesn't date, instead he sticks with his player buddies and breaks hearts with a simple 'no'. He's Mr.Popular, the talk of the girls gossip.

Apparently he is perfection - 'got them genetics that make you believe in God' I quote from the endless chatter I hear around the school. He walks down the hallway and each and every girl stops and stares, hoping, waiting, for him to grab her hand, press her to her locker and partake in a kiss full of passion.

You may be thinking, she's obviously had her heart broken by this boy, but I haven't. I have hardly interest in the popular boys, I stick to the ones who are just ridding their virginity's. Popular people of the opposite sex don't mix at this school. They stay as far away as possible from each other. The boys root the wannabe popular chicks, and the girls go for the nerdy guys. No one questions it, they just go with the flow... Until he came along into my life...


Meet Georgia Kerry, she's funny, stunning and popular. She can pick any guy she wants. She's what every girl wants to look and be like.

Meet Luke Hemmings, he's Mr. Popular, arrogant, desirable and sexy. All the girls want him for his looks and to mess the sheets up a little.

Both with their own characteristics, together they're heartbreakers. 

Despite being popular, the two have never crossed paths. What happens when the pair meet? Will one try to break the others heart? Two can play at this game but only one can win.

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evil_penguin evil_penguin 3 days ago
My lock screen is Michael kissing Luke's cheek and my home screen is fetus Calum and ashtkn
lalapiela lalapiela Mar 06
Lock screen - Collage of random pics of Luke Hemmings 
                              Home screen - Collage of random pics of Niall Horan
amypannu amypannu Feb 11
How in the holy he** did you fit him in a Mini Cooper. In 6'1 and I barely fit in a Honda CRV, and the CRV is bigger than the Mini.
kindofpunk kindofpunk Nov 12, 2016
Eww why in the male bathrooms. The female bathrooms are waaay cleaner, don't even start me on this one
TheMortalChairLeg TheMortalChairLeg Dec 29, 2016
My home and lock screen are both pictures of my boyfriend lol oops
HalleMeurs HalleMeurs Feb 05
My lock screen is Harry and my home screen is Zayn and Gigi cause my parents