Pretend It's Okay | NALU

Pretend It's Okay | NALU

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Have you ever felt alone? ignored? ever felt the pain? Have you ever called weakling? That hurts a lot if you did -Lucy   

I called her a weakling I don't care.. I love Lisanna, not Lucy. I kick her out of my Team, I don't regret I replaced Lucy to Lisanna I'm Happy -Natsu    

She WAS my best friend I ignored her, She made me read her novel, now I called her a weakling, I regret -Levy    

She's my friend, or I should say she was like a sister to me, I called her weak, I made her cry, I regret -Gray      

She was like a little sister, I called her weak, I kicked her out of my Team, I regret -Erza      

I throw magics at her every time when she walks inside the guild, I regret -Laxus      

She was my friend, I throw my beer bottle at her face which made a bruise, I regret -Cana      

I'm dumb for throwing her magic, I regret -Juvia      

I'm Sorry...-Levy, Gray Erza, Laxus, Cana, Juvia

Uhhh Nastu I swear to fukin Mavis if you are not mind controlled I will go on a rage mode
I'm disappointed Levy....She didn't Didn't make you read it...YOU ASKED TO READ IT
Yukimura_Sora Yukimura_Sora 6 days ago
Lmao this part has the most comments but NATSU STOP BEING AN ASS RIGHT NOW
Why am I laughing.....maybe cause she would do that even she was or wasn't drunk
You're not happy. Happy is a nice cat, while you bitch around with Pasta girl
Pickachu, I know you miss Ash. But please don't hurt Lucy just because