Pretend It's Okay | NALU

Pretend It's Okay | NALU

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Have you ever felt alone? ignored? ever felt the pain? Have you ever called weakling? That hurts a lot if you did -Lucy   

I called her a weakling I don't care.. I love Lisanna, not Lucy. I kick her out of my Team, I don't regret I replaced Lucy to Lisanna I'm Happy -Natsu    

She WAS my best friend I ignored her, She made me read her novel, now I called her a weakling, I regret -Levy    

She's my friend, or I should say she was like a sister to me, I called her weak, I made her cry, I regret -Gray      

She was like a little sister, I called her weak, I kicked her out of my Team, I regret -Erza      

I throw magics at her every time when she walks inside the guild, I regret -Laxus      

She was my friend, I throw my beer bottle at her face which made a bruise, I regret -Cana      

I'm dumb for throwing her magic, I regret -Juvia      

I'm Sorry...-Levy, Gray Erza, Laxus, Cana, Juvia

Aphmaushipper93763 Aphmaushipper93763 Dec 02, 2016
Uhhh Nastu I swear to fukin Mavis if you are not mind controlled I will go on a rage mode
lianna-thedragon lianna-thedragon Dec 02, 2016
OK its not lisanna its pasta gril ( saking  my head all SAS like be like girl that not her name sanping my fingers)
Roxie_Travis_Sis Roxie_Travis_Sis Oct 25, 2016
I'm disappointed Levy....She didn't Didn't make you read it...YOU ASKED TO READ IT
DaaaaVaaaaiiii DaaaaVaaaaiiii Dec 05, 2016
Lmao this part has the most comments but NATSU STOP BEING AN ASS RIGHT NOW
anim3-reader13 anim3-reader13 Jul 05, 2016
She nodded? Those are her best friends.. That's really sad :(
Roxie_Travis_Sis Roxie_Travis_Sis Oct 25, 2016
Why am I laughing.....maybe cause she would do that even she was or wasn't drunk