My Winter Heart ♥

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Juno By iamsuperjuno Updated 3 years ago
In The Darkest And Deepest Part Of My Heart A Winter Storm Is Destroying My Warmest Memories In Life, What Lies Behind Me Is A Fragile Pieces Of My Heart And What Lies Before Me Is A Shattered Fragments Of My Soul And Gravely Hurt In The Midst Of The Paralysis Of Time, But I Must Not Fail, I Must Not Fall, And Let The Catastrophe Destroy My Spirit, I Must Rise When I Fall And Find The Autumn Flame That Would Ignite And Give Light To My Heart. So That I Can Regain The Broken Pieces Of My Soul, The Missing Part Of My Heart. ♥
Oi! Peyborit ko yung nasa multimedia. :P Haha. Ikaw insan wa. Mangaagaw. :P xD Joke. :P
kuya chapter 3 na!!kakabitin na kaya!..>.<..bilis!!haha...ancuteee!!!:DD
kabitin nMn nung story !! BILIS !! CHAPTER 3 kagad !! xD #impatient ako . xD
khet na 2nd choice si Rein WinterHeart, atleast si Rein WinterHeart  prin pinili nya. tsk, pero nice story, hndi ko alam na .... hmmmm :))
@WinterRein Weird You're The Writter So You Could Make Things Happen The Way You Want In Your Story. O.o
@WinterRein But You Can Make It That Way Right Mr WinterRein You're The Writter? :DD