The Reaper's Sister (A Black Butler Fan Fiction) (VERY SLOW UPDATES)

The Reaper's Sister (A Black Butler Fan Fiction) (VERY SLOW UPDATES)

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Myranda By the2anime_fanatics Updated Mar 14, 2017

Scarlet Sutcliff is nothing like her brother, Grell Sutcliff. She's smart, pretty, and much more skilled with a scythe. Most say she is the best female reaper to ever live.

But one thing really irks Scarlet more than anything in the world: Her brother is the worst reaper to ever live. Plus, he doesn't seem to realize that he is a dude, which she can not take most of the time.

Then, one night while Scarlet is out dealing with people on the to die list, she gets kidnapped and is told that she must find the Phantomhive boy, and that if she doesn't, she would pay with her life.

(Hi guys! I hope you will not judge me by my work, and will give me constructive criticism on how to get better. I do not own Black Butler, Grell, or any of the anime's characters. I only own Scarlet Sutcliffe, and I found the cover picture online.)

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Narosan Narosan Jun 20, 2017
I thought the author meant rape instead of reap for some reason
xx_Bluezzy xx_Bluezzy Dec 03, 2017
Grell believes hes a girl because be believes Sebastian isnt gay so he wants to do anything to make his Bassy-Chan love him.
YourHawkeditor YourHawkeditor Jul 06, 2017
I love the amount of people going "your so offensive you don't like/approve of gays" and then even more people are responding with "Victorian era, check your facts about sexuality and time periods".
_ElegantDevil_ _ElegantDevil_ Aug 23, 2017
Aww I'm sorry about all that. If it helps me and my friends (were reading this together cuz why the hell not?) didnt get offended. Like yah we felt for Grell but we understood that it was because it was in the 19th century
_ElegantDevil_ _ElegantDevil_ Aug 23, 2017
Grell nuuu es ok i will hug you so you wont have to deal with this dick-of-a-sister
ctatiana79 ctatiana79 Dec 03, 2017
Grell was probably dropped on his head as a baby and grew up thinking he was a girl and no one bothered to correct him and tell him he was a male