Kingdom Of The Nanosaurs (trilogy)

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In KINGDOM OF THE NANOSAURS (book one of the trilogy THE KINGDOMS OF TIME AND SPACE), Morgan Lane’s phenomenal memory is used by the Guardians, the spiritual protectors of the animal kingdom, to memorise and protect The Cosmic Algorithm – the source code of all creation. The Guardians, who inhabit a breath propelled starship deep inside Mount Everest, have magically transported the animal kingdom to a new Eden. 
    That’s when poetry loving, witty but shy, Morgan, who only believes in science and scorns magic and spirituality, suddenly becomes the most important person on Earth and finds his life in danger at the hands of fallen angels, cosmic parasites and a crazed scientist seeking world domination.
    Together with his friend Lin Rainbow, a Chinese-American girl who has the gift of prophecy, and Winston, his pet orangutan, transformed into a genius with the power of speech, Morgan embarks on a life threatening quest to save the world from cataclysmic events.  
    These include the utter disappearance of all animal life on earth, the arrival of a legion of fallen angels known as the Shadix and the plans of a billionaire scientist, Marius Natzler (controlled by the Shadix), who has replaced the animal kingdom with a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of artificial, indestructible creatures called nanosaurs, to establish the ultimate New World Order and enslave mankind.
    The knowledge stored in Morgan’s astounding memory and the secret of Winston’s amazing transformation are coveted by Natzler who will stop at nothing to acquire them. Captured and imprisoned Morgan and friends must escape and stay alive long enough to locate the Guardians and enter the gateway to a parallel dimension where Morgan can use The Cosmic Algorithm to reprogram the Continuum and return the world to the Eden it was always supposed to be.
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