The Late Mate (Completed & Needs Editing)

The Late Mate (Completed & Needs Editing)

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Trinity Day O'Connell By northernlights136 Completed

There are three steps with mating.

First, is the recognition step; at a Werewolf's sixteenth year of life, their body finds their mate. 

Second, is the marking step; when one in their eighteenth year can now bite their mate, marking them as theirs.

Lastly, is the consummating step; when they complete their mating process whenever one wishes.

Violet Mannerly completely missed these steps. Fate always seemed to bring one's mate into their lives their sixteenth year, for the recognition step. Whether they magically seemed to be pulled into a random location or event for no reason, it happened. For Violet, her sixteenth year was lonely and mateless. As the next step passed and her mate still didn't show up, she accepted she might possibly be a Solus-an unmated and unwanted wolf. 

Violet doesn't dwell on not having a mate as a year passes by after her eighteenth birthday she is dating a human, Joel Greene, even though it is frowned upon. With a bordering pack making threats, Violet's pack must call for help. Which brings in seven wolves, one being Ryker Van Allen.

Violet's mate.

What happens when the mate you've been waiting four years for shows up late?

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12Rayne 12Rayne Jan 22
I agree with the father 😓 big parties with strangers is not fun
KaramIsaB KaramIsaB Apr 03, 2016
Fate probably was like 
                              : This rude ass girl, 
                              you know what wait on it.
                              Wait on it
                              Why he was late...
TabbiKade TabbiKade Sep 11, 2014
Really great intro to the story. There were some grammar errors that can be easily fixed. It would make the wording seamless. Another suggestion I would make is to be a bit more descriptive. Maybe describe the pain instead of just saying 'I grew bitter'. Just some tips! Can't wait to read more:)
Huntress_Of_Chaos Huntress_Of_Chaos Sep 07, 2014
Tobias? since when are you a werewolf?
                              TRIS! YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A WEREWO- oh wait. She can't hear me
ItzJannat ItzJannat Dec 30, 2013
This kinda sad. And I love it. I love how you added slight humor and gave all the details.
ItzJannat ItzJannat Dec 30, 2013
Interesting blurb. Well written with sufficient details. Cant wait to read more.