Blind: A Retelling of Snow White

Blind: A Retelling of Snow White

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A .E. Kellogg By EstrangeloEdessa Completed

Looking back, I feel I should have known. But how could I? She was my daughter, my beautiful little girl... and I was blind.

This is the true story of the girl known as fairest of them all.

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PrincessBloodBond PrincessBloodBond Dec 08, 2015
Yeah and Disney twisted the original stories. Though to be honest I liked them when I was little.
LaldanreRune LaldanreRune Nov 26, 2015
Oh dear god I will never be able to look at the original in the same way ever again O.O
bobbilife bobbilife Aug 15, 2015
and about the feminine needs thing. girls can start theirs very late, like gymnasts. I think being comatose could definitely delay the start lol
bobbilife bobbilife Aug 15, 2015
absolutely loved this. great work, you would have something amazing if you expand this to a full length story.
SunniSkys SunniSkys May 20, 2015
I am thoroughly enjoying this dark retelling of snow white. It is the first time I read a retelling from the point of view of the queen, and definitely the first I have read that makes the queen seem not so bad at all. 
                              On to the next chapter...
Merry-Weather Merry-Weather Sep 22, 2014
Twisted fairy tales are some of the best reads. Most of the old classics were dark in the first place. This is a touch back to the heart of old fables and with a very dark moral. 
                              Wonderful writing, very creative! I read this during lunch, perfect for a bite-sized fright.