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The Killjoy Chronicles

The Killjoy Chronicles

78K Reads 2.8K Votes 21 Part Story
Shady By SarahMCR Completed

Crash Cola is just your average Killjoy, fighting Better Living Industries, or BLI, on a daily basis. When she becomes romantically involved with the leader of The Killjoys, Party Poison, things get even more complicated than before. Secrets are uncovered, lives are lost, and in the end, she faces a scandal bigger than she could have ever imagined. See how the story unfolds in The Killjoy Chronicles.

tv_geek_fan tv_geek_fan Apr 02, 2016
Everyone's talking about vampires will never hurt you but im just here like im not okay (i promise)
MikeysUnicornSparkle MikeysUnicornSparkle Oct 13, 2016
I am getting news, ship Parrash has docke- oh and its sailing off to Costa Rica currently
soccermomsociety soccermomsociety Mar 14, 2016
crash sounds like she is related to Frank, just the way she talks
colorcodedgrey colorcodedgrey Jul 16, 2016
                              STOP RIGHT THERE
                              Hey, that rhymed 😂😂
THE VAMPIRES WILL NEVER HURT YOU and now I know why thats a song title
BandTrash4234 BandTrash4234 6 days ago
My killjoy name is Jawes it stands for 
                              January - the month I was born in
                              Alaina - my twins First name
                              Winter- the season I was born in
                              Elizabeth- my best friends name that died
                              Stephenson- the last name of my adopted brother JAWES please don't ask how I came up with that