Gravity Rises (S2)

Gravity Rises (S2)

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Things That Were Still Not on Mabel Pines' Bucket List (Even After Finding Adventure):
  1) Finding old secrets buried beneath the town of Gravity Rises 
  2) Reanimating the dead
  3) Searching for the missing Journals with their Author and her twin brother
  4) Getting attacked by abandoned monsters
  5) Discovering a cult
  6) BeInG pOsEsSeD bY a DrEaM dEmOn
  7) Possibly maybe kinda falling for that Northwest kid??
The winter isn't over yet.


Gravity Rises: Gravity Falls Alternate Universe where characters switch roles and/or personalities.

///When commenting on this story, please do not swear or take the Lord's name in vain///

This is the official story for the Gravity Rises AU. The original creator was Sorophora/nelauk, and it has since been adopted by me, Brightness Wings. I also made this cover myself using art by Sorophora, and I showcase her art occasionally throughout the story. The plot and characters are mainly created by me, based on the original show and Sorophora's character designs/notes.

~~~2018 Gravity Falls Watty WINNER~~~

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EchoSoul12 EchoSoul12 Oct 27, 2017
i am seriously slipping into insanity because of that LAST EPISODE TITLE
                              WHAT DOES IT MEAN????????
                              I MUST KNOW!!!!
RachelCatLove RachelCatLove Apr 30, 2018
*Reads decription* *Starts hyperventilating* My ship. EEEEEEEE! YES YES YES! AHHAHAHAH! MY SHIPPPP!
CrystalConstellation CrystalConstellation May 29, 2018
I’m still on episode one (it is AMAZING) but I can hardly wait for the rest!! You are such a good author!!!
HikariItsukerui HikariItsukerui May 16, 2017
That last episode though. . .
                              You aren't gonna give us the feels are you Wings? XD
MadKat65 MadKat65 Apr 21, 2017
Okay now that we all know about what happened to Stan in this AU, I'm actually really freaked out at this last episode title.
                              WHAT ON EARTH DOES HE NOT WANT
                              WHO IS HE
                              THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES 
                              I'M GONNA GO INSANE OVER THIS
_OneBrightStar_ _OneBrightStar_ Jan 26, 2017
The cover 
                              *starts repeating it over and over* 
                              Mom: Erica? Are you ok?
                              Me: no mom I'm not-!
                              Mom: what's wrong now? 
                              Me: Season two of Gravity rises is gonna have my ship in it! 
                              Mom: 0-0 o-ok then *walks away*