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αɴɢie By lollitagirl21 Completed

When young Hartley Campbell realizes her parents spend her University money she is livid. They had one job... to save the money her grandfather left for her to attend Harvard University. With too many dreams to give up on, she decides there is only one way to save enough money and that is to make a man fall crazy, deeply in love with her and use him to pay for it.
Tycoon Carson Beckett is known as the "mysterious CEO of Beckett's publishing" After a dramatic accident he is left with deep mental and physical scars which make it hard for him to open up to anyone. Yet, too many years of being alone bring out a craving for the right woman to give him one night where he isn't tormented by the past. When his best friend tells him about a secret website where he can stay anonymous and have fun he can't let it past by-Carson decides to go ahead with it only to his surprise the website isn't all that it seems.

Chicklit #10

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