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Always There

Always There

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Gina By ginawriter Completed

Fresh off the heels of an awkward breakup, Samar has to come to terms with unexpected feelings for her sworn enemy, Benjamin. 
After her boyfriend of two years abruptly breaks up with her, Samar Karam is left questioning aspects of her identity and future. It doesn't help that her childhood friend, turned mortal enemy, the charming Benjamin Butler, is constantly in her space, teasing her and asking her to take the plunge into something more than just friendship. Little does Ben know that the hurtful comments he made about Samar when they were children cut deeper than he ever thought, and it will take a miracle for her to open her heart to him again. When the two find themselves on vacation in Florida, with only a door separating their hotel rooms, can they face their past feelings and tension head-on, or will their love story end in despair again?

[[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]