You and me  / A J-Fred fanfiction

You and me / A J-Fred fanfiction

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Gre3nLeaf By Gre3nLeaf Updated May 08, 2017

(Y/n)  is a babysitting master and one day babysits for Amanda Faye and meets someone new. At first she doesn't really feel anything but will she eventually fall for him? (Y/n) has gone through so much in her life and has trouble staying on her feet and regrets her choices in life. Will  this person make her feel better or worse?

  • babysitting
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  • j-fred
  • lifestruggles
  • secrets
  • selfharm
KendraKurosaki123 KendraKurosaki123 Dec 03, 2017
Awwwww I named her mister (after my dog) before I knew she was a girl now I gots to change it :(
Cutest_Kookachu Cutest_Kookachu Mar 05, 2017
I wish stuff like this would happen but irl ppl make fun of you which makes it worse (my friend told me stuff about this which is the only reason i know
MoonLightcz MoonLightcz Sep 24, 2018
I can't choose between Skillet, Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy..... Guess my rock playlist on phone will suffice
kiwi12135 kiwi12135 Aug 02, 2018
I love babies. If they aren't related to me in any sort of way. Then they are annoying af