I Put A Spell On You And Now You're Mine

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Gem By princess_rose Updated 3 years ago
Lexie Strega has been told by her grandma in the past that shes a witch but Lexie has never taken it too seriously.... but now things are changing and Lexie is starting to realise that theres a lot that she does not know; including why a mysterious man keeps trying to capture her in her dreams, The arrival of the Crowley twins Tyler and Lucas just adds even more confusion to Lexies world.
This sounds really good! Can't wait to see his reaction, though I feel like he knows whats goin on and will pretend not to know whats goin on.
I like it, very interesting start. Can't wait to see where you take it.
:O the name of this book is the same as my first book. The storys have different features though. But mine is about a witch.
Im LOVING this and trust me I dont Love :D so please upload soon! its realy great :)
I'm reading TCATCFADP and my life would suck without you and I figured this story's are AWSOME so this was must be too and now I like this, it seems really interesting!!! Please update it soon!!!:D <3333
i read this as a filler while waiting for an update to TCCF..DP? and I went, like, whoa.!this story's pretty awesome too. ! Just 3 pages.. a single chap so far.. and i can say it's a keeper <3