Love across the 4th Wall ~ A Mystic Messenger Story

Love across the 4th Wall ~ A Mystic Messenger Story

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Rin Solo By LonelyHuntress28 Updated Feb 01, 2017

~ Luciel Choi x MC/Reader ~

Yes....I haven't even finished three routes yet (did Yoosung, Zen and currently on Jumin's) and I already write a Luciel fanfic.....

Welp, he stole my heart so here we go with a super a n g s t y and also partly c u t e fanfic with what I want to get rid of my feels right now.

This is from Luciel's point of view who watches you proceed in the game. It will contain his feelings (since I am a huge fan of the reset theory) for you that he has in every route. Well, say hello to the angst because I want to make you cry with this.
Will maybe contain spoilers for other routes, later for Seven's route too? (Once I get to it lolol) It will maybe contain some hot scenes in further chapters~~ But don't worry, I don't write smut in general so I will keep it moderate.

Seriously....where was I going with this....*shakes her head*
Would be nice if anyone leaves me some feedback~~

Mystic Messenger/the characters belong to Cheriz~
Cover belongs to kawacy on DeviantArt~
Chapter pictures belong to their artists~
You belong to Luciel (cause seriously all his fangirls do)~

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I need 20 hourglasses and I can buy the route. I play all the casual routes just for win hg. You should love me now
humansfuckingsuck humansfuckingsuck Oct 27, 2017
I repeated it a good 12 times because of how cute it was 😭
awkwdkid awkwdkid Jan 22
Heheheheh...that's so true...glad that I'm not the only one with this awkward problem~
Aluira Aluira Sep 25, 2017
Actually when i first heard of mm last uear the first route i wanted to play was seven's then cruid coz i had to pay 😂
sunkyurio- sunkyurio- May 23, 2017
                              U R ONLY YEAR OLDER TO YOOSUNG HAHAHHAH
Spriitee Spriitee Jan 14, 2017
If you do nit mind me asking. Where did you get the picture? And if you still have it could you msg me it?