Love across the 4th Wall ~ A Mystic Messenger Story

Love across the 4th Wall ~ A Mystic Messenger Story

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Rin Solo By LonelyHuntress28 Updated Feb 01, 2017

~ Luciel Choi x MC/Reader ~ [Probably discontinued - sorry]

Welp, Luciel stole my heart so here we go with a super a n g s t y and also partly c u t e fanfic with what I want to get rid of my feels right now.

This is from Luciel's point of view who watches you proceed in the game. It will contain his feelings (since I am a huge fan of the reset theory) for you that he has in every route. Well, say hello to the angst because I want to make you cry with this.
Will maybe contain spoilers for other routes, later for Seven's route too? (Once I get to it lolol) It will maybe contain some hot scenes in further chapters~~ But don't worry, I don't write smut in general so I will keep it moderate.

Seriously....where was I going with this....*shakes her head*
Would be nice if anyone leaves me some feedback~~

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Mystic Messenger/the characters belong to Cheriz~
Cover belongs to kawacy on DeviantArt~
Chapter pictures belong to their artists~
You belong to Luciel (cause seriously all his fangirls do)~

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I think that is why I never got onto a route in casual story. Lol
I got Yoosung to join the mint eye as my first bad ending T~T
MicroTaro MicroTaro Jun 10
I only played 707 route. Because I reset on the 4 day to collected hourglasses so I could buy the deep story. 
                              And I did. Played God sevens route
                              On youtube saw that seven on every route will love mc so I couldn't play other routes because the guilt would have killed me.
Yea... I played casual and got a bad ending... Then deleted the account and made a new one played 707 route hhaha
Anni1600 Anni1600 Mar 24
XD I understand MC feelings.
                              I was never mean to Saeyoung, my love
Anni1600 Anni1600 Mar 24
When I downloaded MM, I played every route to become the hourgalsses. ...