nodus tollens | t. morinozuka

nodus tollens | t. morinozuka

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nodus tollens (n.): the realisation that the plot of your life doesn't make sense to you anymore. 

Arashi Azuma, a temporarily mute girl, found no interest in almost all activities, worrying her loved ones that she'd dive deeper into depression. She kept making attempts at getting better and getting into the Photography Club was one way to do it.

Another way was asking for one student to be her GPS from a so-called Host Club two or three times. Fake smiles gradually turned genuine. With some drama and romantic moments, she finally felt like a normal teenager. 

But with her parents divorced and her father drunk half of the time, it would be hard for Arashi to find any kind of normality. Especially with life-changing revelations finally coming into sight and when everything isn't what it seems to be.

| previously titled Endure |

| original version rewritten into this book. Improved, deeper and longer |