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Amélia J. Charles By elexira Completed

What happens when two very different souls crash? 

When Esmèralda Domanaive, a beautiful and innocent 17 year princess is taken as a prisoner in her own castle after the war, she is forced to make choices that crush her innocent shoulders. 

Alexandero Arden Eleazar is an extremely powerful and brute Emperor to three kingdoms who also happens to be the Alpha king to all the wolves in the seven kingdoms.   Upon summoning the princess, the Alpha king's spine shakes for he never witnessed a pull so intense towards a female before. The moment her emerald green eyes meets the blue of his own, his entire body convulses, having found his mate. 

Marked against her will, she intensely hates him for everything he did to her but despite of it, she feels an undeniable pull towards the man who single handedly destroyed her world. What starts as an innocent romance with her other half makes her fall into deep, irrevocable love with the one the moon chose to be as her other half. But things aren't always as they seem, her love for him destroys the very foundation of her soul, scars so deep that even the moon couldn't possibly erase. Traumatized, orphaned and lonely she decides to put an end to her life, wrecking his word. 

A story about love, desperation and everything in between. 

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