The Secrets of Enchantia [Original: Under Editing]

The Secrets of Enchantia [Original: Under Editing]

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Aleaaa By MicaelaMarz102 Updated Dec 27, 2018

[Under Edit]

The princess of Enchantia
 is the most powerful element and symbol of their Kingdom.

Every single daughter of a Queen, generation to generation, princess are elements...

Specially the younger daughter, once it was lost Enchantia Light, Power, Magic and its own Powerful defense will be lost.

Their defense are important cause most of villains can attack them easily

But what will happen to the new princess that'll come???

Meet 'Princess Cathania' the newest princess of Enchantia, all princess is growin' in a good way...

But this princess is different, because of a evil villain named Aliana Ivy...

-Will she find out all hidden secrets of her life?

-Can she Survive challanges that will go through her life?


More secrets will Unfold, join Princess Cathania together with her friend and family.
 Unlocking secrets and journeys around them...

Author: MicaelaMarz102

Tagalog (half English)