My gangleader ✔

My gangleader ✔

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Melanie reason has been abused by her father ever since her mother death , she is left in a world full of pain , every night she goes to the same house and start getting beat up by her so called father but one night , it was different when Elliot Johnston and Melanie meet in the alley way 
Elliot Johnston is gangleader, he is the second strongest gang , he is cold hearted when people hear his name they shake in fears but that changes when Melanie stepped in his life 
Will those two people fix each other heart or their heart will be more broken

Cover made by @auciana

mcoop0234 mcoop0234 Jul 22
Someone pls listen to these in voiceover it sounds so bad, no offense.
Stop staying baby girl cause it makes mgs feel some type of way
Knowing me I would check him out too in a situation like that.
Are you responsible for my lights flickering no matter what I do?
TheabelleR TheabelleR Jun 03
It is like a two year old wrote it, but I love the story line, very very interesting
in one book I read the girl said that the alley way was safe and then she got jumped