Intern-ally yours

Intern-ally yours

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burntpapers By burntpapers Updated Jun 26

As an intern you are literally at the lowest level of the Corporate ecosystem. And an important rule of being an intern is you never cross  over to somebody's territory. Especially a carnivore.
Unfortunately I did.

I, Elysium Greene am a college student recently scored an internship in one of the largest corporate companies .The Veldon.  It has a huge corporate kingdom and for a student like me I have certainly scored.
How exactly did I 'score?'
By being interviewed by  the CEO of the company. Royce Donovan Veldon.  Aristocratic, mean good in business and brains, godly looks (cannot describe). The entire perfect royal package.  
Or so people thought.

So what exactly happens when you cross over to the wrong territory?
You don't directly get eaten. There is aiming, chasing,hiding, camouflaging etc.

It's a struggle. And this struggle will have a different outcome.
Read and be alert.


I went towards the deck and sat down on the wooden board enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. The crescent moon shone brightly lighting up the clouds around it faintly against the dark black sky.

"You should be sleeping." 
I could see his towering shadow half on the sand.
A moment's peace is all I wanted. I couldn't sleep because of all the work that my body was getting used to everyday.

"You'll get your coffee in the morning." 
I closed my eyes and laid my head back.
Suddenly I could feel a warm breath over my face and I opened my eyes. My heart almost came in my mouth.
Like how the lion's eyes glowed in the bright his eyes were staring right into mine , his face dangerously closed to mine. 
"Well I hope you do." 

He left a moment later but his eyes didn't. 

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kittycat1959 kittycat1959 Mar 27, 2017
Oh I love how she put him in his place from the start ! he is so going to want to break her xx b
avninovember23 avninovember23 Jan 04, 2017
It was awsm...n these two oh god..either Elle will teach him everything annoying or he will make her a complete professional BT I think the first 1 is gonna happen...bcoz no 1 can teach her anything against her will...hahaha...I loved the update...
RitikaGuptaa RitikaGuptaa Jan 20, 2017
I don't know why this story has so less likes.. Pfftt... But I definitely like it
DensityOfMe DensityOfMe Dec 29, 2016
Guuurl. You nailed it again with this one. It is great. And anyone who tells you otherwise is envious. Just keep your writing as it is and if some people don't like what you write just have in mind that there is only hand full of them. And I love your story. xoxo
NoviaLobo NoviaLobo Oct 09
Hey author... loved ur previous book. Falling in love wid dis one too... U have a way with ur stories... i just love them...