Blessed Are The Dead || Carlisle Cullen

Blessed Are The Dead || Carlisle Cullen

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dramaticschreave21 By dramaticschreave21 Updated Mar 28

Forks. The small town which Constance was scheduled to drive through in exactly 2.5 miles. She wasn't planning on staying. No...never staying. Not in one place. Not in Forks. But someone... fate...or destiny...or something like that drew her in with the start of a fatal accident.

A sudden rush of adrenaline pumps through Carlisle's body and he quickly stands, each vampiric sense heightened at their peak. He didn't understand why this was happening...everything was seemingly normal. "Doctor! Young woman, twenty two years old in a car accident. Fatally injured. We could lose her. The ambulance is bringing her over now." 

I would love some ideas that I could add into the story/Plot. If you message me your idea and I end up using it, I will give you a shout out.

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I would've just assumed he was a teen dad. That seems to be the growing thing now a days. Especially where I live.
Markita_aaa Markita_aaa Mar 16, 2017
Good first chapter, but can you separate the dialogue from the nodialogue?
                              It's hard to read
His doctor senses were tingling
                              Doctor man, doctor man
                              He does whatever a doctor can
                              Can he save people?
                              Yes he can
                              ‘Cause he’s doctor man!