The Way You Make Me Feel [[Usui X Reader]] (ON HIATUS)

The Way You Make Me Feel [[Usui X Reader]] (ON HIATUS)

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종허석🌹💞 By Marshie56 Updated Sep 23

You and your childhood friend Misaki was playing guitar at their mansion but then, Misaki's older brother Usui said that you sucks at playing it the reason you kick him on the face, instead of getting angry, Usui just laughed. Usui always tease whenever you are around, but he gets lonely when youre  not.. One day, your father and Misaki & Usui's father decided that you and Usui should get married in your Company's sake..  

Lets take a look of your Journey towards being the wife of the man who always tease you ever since you were still kids.

Read and Enjoy~ ^-^
By: Marshie56

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I hate when writers put Japanese words in their stories 😂 I feel like a weaboo