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Riders Of The Wyvern: The Draglin's Scale

Riders Of The Wyvern: The Draglin's Scale

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Tristian (AKA super blanket man -,-) By Sekirei107 Updated Apr 08, 2011

Sinial, A 15 year old boy, Is the rider of a wyvern. The wyverns with their riders, hunted down and killed almost all of the dragons.
All the ones that are left have gone into hiding, Except one, An Ourobas.  It surrounds the last dragon egg, one that Sinial is destined to find.
It is said that whoever find the egg and destroys it will gain more power than any dragon in existence.
but his best friend hunts it too. When Sinial takes it for himself, Masin is enraged. With his Griffin, he joins the wyvern army in an attempt to destroy Sinial before its to late.

RiderFirnen RiderFirnen Jul 24, 2012
Luv it hav a story bugging me to write down that is kinda similar but not exactly;) keep writing:)
Lamizaisme Lamizaisme Mar 23, 2011
 Alright, not bad. Usually i would say make the chapter's longer but it works for you. Its good and flows nicely, the dialoge is believable. Quite good. 
Lamizaisme Lamizaisme Mar 23, 2011
 Good, intresting but i have to agree with truenotme it does sound a bit like something i have heard before...sadly i dont remember where and its bugging me haha. Not any spelling mistakes than i can see, just do your best to keep it as original as possible
everwise everwise Mar 02, 2011
Interesting! But it sounded like a story I had watched before! But hopefully its not the same! Voted!
voif1d voif1d Feb 28, 2011
hmm, interesting. Lets see where you go with this.
                              Keep it up:)
voif1d voif1d Feb 23, 2011
it will be interesting to see where you take this.
                              Thanks for dedicating this to me:)