Still Breathing (boyxboy)

Still Breathing (boyxboy)

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Nyxaie By Nyxaie Updated Jul 19, 2018

This is the sequel to Breathe A Little- I recommend reading that first, before this. 

Noah and Damian are finally together. They are finally out and they're finally proud. Everything should be great, right? Wrong. 

With crazy friends, unreliable parents and internal issues this couple are anything but perfect.

But if they only had to worry about themselves, life would be easy. Alec's ex from hell is back and Ash and Lexi are on the rocks. Kate and Jaxon are nowhere to be found and Chad is having mummy issues. Whilst their parents are no help at all, Noah and Damian seemingly are being dragged into everything. With the relationship still very new for the both of them, can they make it through the thick and thin?  

Keep reading, to see if this not so perfect couple can find a way through all of life's hurdles- together.

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