How NOT to Piss-off A Pyro [Working Title]

How NOT to Piss-off A Pyro [Working Title]

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Raven Vice By RavenRavenous Updated Jan 20, 2011

Rozell was born and raised in Ireland, her ancestors druids and celtics. Magic runs in her veins, though scientists explain it away as simple telekinisis and pyrokinesis. She knows that some of the things she can do simply can't be explained by science. She spent years being poked and prodded and tested and needled and she was fed up with her arms looking like she was a crack addict, she was tired of being held overnight for 'observation' in underground labs. 
Eventually, when Rozell turned 18, the government tried to black-bag her, make her dissappear into some underground military branch of the government. She escaped to America, hiding from the people that want to make her into some kind of science experiment. She is finally learning to control her powers.

She no longer wakes up to her bed sheets aflame. She no longer sees plates and chairs flying around the room everytime she gets upset. Then she met Miko. He was a breath of fresh air, when she didnt even know what she was breathing was stale. They were close, like brother and sister. Rozell was more comfortable with him then she ever thought possible... so she finally told him about what she could do. Much to her surprise, he mearly hugged her and smiled. It didnt bother him that she could be dangerous. It didnt bother him that she was different, that she was weird...

Maybe it was because he was a bit out there himself. Soon after, through Miko, Rozell met Bryan Hirada. All three of them have become closer than ever, though Roz has yet to reveal her powers or past to Bryan or anyone else...

But now it seems the Underground Military from Ireland has come to collect their escaped experiment...
And they won't stop at anything to get her back.

Let the games begin.

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Very enticing start... Def need to upload some more voted. Fanned.
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upload more!!! gee, i'm hypnotized by your narrative XD
                              you misspelled asian though lol.
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