Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

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Amber Boyd By The3dreamers Updated 3 days ago

Tessa has a secret--one that draws the unwanted attention of a hidden world beyond our own. When an innocent game turns deadly, she's guilt-ridden, determined to set things right for the guy she loves. But can she save his soul before time runs out?

This book would be rated PG, with the odd cuss. 

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SapphireAlena SapphireAlena Jul 12, 2017
Perfect insertion of humor to lighten the tense mood. I actually laughed aloud. :-)
wandwsawday wandwsawday Mar 09, 2017
Ha-this is great. Little humor, but still obviously a really tense situation. Nice!
h_coyle h_coyle May 22, 2017
Great start, I did not see this ending coming. It was a very different introduction or feeling for sensing the dead which I liked.
wandwsawday wandwsawday Mar 09, 2017
Ahhh parents. When we were kids we made our Dad lift the mattresses of our bunk beds every night to do the same thing. Great detail!
KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Jul 10, 2017
Nice work on your take of the stairway to heaven. I thought it was described really well and in a way that was not cliche at all, which is a hard task to accomplish given how well known the image is.
KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Jul 10, 2017
Intense introduction. I love it. The tone is freaky as hell, and the interaction between Tessa, the demon, and the ouija board worked really well to heighten that tension and supernatural sense.