Diabolik Revenge(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)

Diabolik Revenge(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)

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Nqchristine18 By Nqchristine18 Updated Jan 07, 2018

"Yui you bitch....I'll kill you...."

"I won't forget the day of what you've have done to me...."

"I'll will put you into so much pain, just like how you put me through...."

It's been a dark painful life for Yukina Knightwalker, who has been hunting down for the unforgivable girl who ruined her life and killed her since childhood: her sister, Yui Komori. She was once a human named Emi Komori who was neglected and ridiculed by the church and has resentment towards Yui due to her gaining attention from the church. Once she has turned ten, her life gets even worst when she and Yui were attacked by wolves, they both ran into the woods, but then Yui did something that was unforgivable. She pushed her sister into the lake where Emi cried for help for Yui but no avail, she ignores her cries and left her to die. Emi thought she was going to die, however, that's when a mysterious white haired man named Karlheinz brought her back to life as a vampire, Emi is now training as an assassin with a new name as Yukina Knightwalker. 

Many years later, she returns to the mansion where she finally tracks down Yui. Once she threw a blade at her, she was caught by the Sakamaki brothers whom they recognized her from their childhood. What happens if she falls in love with one of the brothers, Subaru? How would she accomplish her goals? And what would she choose? Revenge or love? Will she ever forgive Yui? And will she finally confessed her feelings for Subaru or will she be a cold hearted assassin forever? Find out in the Diabolik Lovers fanfic!

Subaru x OC


Violence, blood, strong language, and sexual content

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