The Mysterious Women Series : Black Mai (ON HOLD)l

The Mysterious Women Series : Black Mai (ON HOLD)l

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Paramita Choudhury By meloheart Updated Aug 20, 2018

"Don't you think , I should have been informed about this?" he had his back to her.

She knew visiting her place would be a bad idea and now she was about to face the consequences, "I was planning to , but you would never believe ".

"It's nothing unbelievable my dear", his voice holding grimness as he turned to face her, holding an old photo frame.

A look at the photograph let her release the breath , she didn't know she was holding.


Vikram is an arrogant, playboy, ruthless person. He is everything, a rich spoilt child would be. To repair his image among the women clients , the trustees have decided to hire a new PR manager.

This would be none other than Shanaya, a plain , intellectual lady and the best in her field. She is sweet but sassy and knows how to hold her own among the members of mass media. She must find out every secret of her boss before the media. But will the stubborn man allow her to do that?