His Only Hope ~ Book 2 of 2 (IN PROGRESS) DARKNESS DUOLOGY

His Only Hope ~ Book 2 of 2 (IN PROGRESS) DARKNESS DUOLOGY

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SAMiAMiz By SAMiAMiz Updated 6 days ago

Her reign as the 'Queen of Darkness' makes her pack services in battle vital as an ally. The way she came to power has spread like wildfire across the nation, and has earned her devoted subjects. 

But this isn't the story of the queen. Not entirely, anyway. 

It is more about a boy. A boy whose Quail abilities started before they were meant to. And they are only getting stronger. 

The Darkness has awakened after its long slumber but this time it has a new target: Emory.

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femmhelen femmhelen Mar 12, 2017
Love it, I thought it would be some romance between Gianna and Nigel, but i t seems different. 
                              Hope you continue with the story.
Cookieluvsu Cookieluvsu Apr 07, 2017
Noooo!!!!!!!!  A CLIFF HANGER???!!!???  I Luvs Your Story!!!
JacquelineDeLoyer JacquelineDeLoyer Mar 28, 2017
Yes! My thoughts are that you should really make a nice full story of it!
VHThompson VHThompson May 09, 2018
I knew it!!! From the moment I knew she was pregnant. Although I suspected it a long time ago with Vicky's comments of her being fat.
pokemon123789 pokemon123789 Jun 19, 2017
Elosky4groove Elosky4groove Aug 17, 2017
I've always loved Emory, see to it that you treat him right Sam.