His Rejection *REWRITING*

His Rejection *REWRITING*

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BELLE By BeautifulXxXSinner Updated Aug 08, 2015

Formerly Known as Reject & Rejected....

*Hey guys I know this may be a bit confusing but work with me. This story is under some heavy duty construction.*

Nova Lucas has always been excited about for the day she would meet her mate. Her Prince Charming, her Knight in Shining Armor, her Protector... He'd take her way from all of the horrible people in her pack; but the last thing she expected when she woke up on 16th birthday was for the guy who ruined her life to be her beloved mate....

Mason Ellis couldn't have been anymore excited to find out that the girl he has had a crush on his whole life is his mate; Nova Lucas. Even though he's happy several problems keep them from their happily ever after. The problems?

1: Some of his pack still believed that she killed her father, or at the very least, had something to do with his death. The death of the late Beta was still a mystery waiting to be solved.

2: Nova was different. She isn't like the normal girls he dated. Nova was a late shifter and since her wolf hadn't shown up yet, some didn't think it would, she would be stuck with a fragile, overweight human body.

Can Mason have the girl of his dreams and keep his pack and image intact? Highly doubtful... When Nova and Mason touch their worlds stopped and changed, can they fix their mess before it stays that way forever? Find out...

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DeDerpyWolf DeDerpyWolf May 04, 2017
Uhh.. DUH!!! Doesn't that Natalie person have a brain, eyes and can see???
DeDerpyWolf DeDerpyWolf May 04, 2017
Alec is me when my friends sometimes go to school in something "a little fancy" and though sometimes I mean it's not 'revealing', but it's like things older girls could wear, and boys stare at them. I then get SUPER protective....
s-m-b-n s-m-b-n Apr 08, 2017
Are people crazy? What kind of a guy would date someone ego called his little sister fat?!
Feisty_Vixen Feisty_Vixen Feb 04, 2016
Her wolf is terrible, and btw, how old was she,like 4? Did the 4 something child pick up the gun and shoot her father? Gosh the ignorance of some ppl.
zutdaniel zutdaniel May 22, 2016
I like this story but that description of your brother was just to much.
RememberTheMoment75 RememberTheMoment75 Feb 22, 2016
Ooh I really really love how this character isn't stick thin perfect with a super fast metabolism like in the majority of stories on this sight because that's something I was never blessed with but she's still seemingly comfortable with it. Idk why I appreciate it so much but i do.