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Ghostly Love (Naruto Fanfic) (Gaara Love Story)

Ghostly Love (Naruto Fanfic) (Gaara Love Story)

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Charlie Sheen By firooz Completed

Yurei Nakamura was always special. And not special as in unique like all the other people with different Kekkai Genkai, but actually special. She can see and talk to ghost. Sounds odd and hard to believe, but it's true! Of coarse, no one believed her. So when Yurei and her family come to the Sand Village intending for a fresh start, of coarse she kept it a secret! But, when she's put on the team with Gaara and the Suna siblings, how does she cope with all the ghosts surrounding Gaara? What does she tell him when she finds out his mother's ghost was still with him? And can love overpower her fear for the red-head? Would he even let her in?

I just found out.... We gave the same name!! O.o <3!!
                              (Goodness, I'm forgetful, DEAL WITH IT XD)
Oh would you look at that? There's itachi....
                              with a whole army of people in black behind him... OH ITS THE UCHIHAS THAT ARE SHARINGONE!
I saw a ghost in the corner of my room once, I saw white orbs around my house a lot, something boney and ice cold grabbed my ankle once.
Wow..... I actually like it... I'm that weird.... (And clumsy....)
KallistagirlPrince KallistagirlPrince Dec 30, 2016
I have imageinary friends.. Still..... And I'm friends with the monster under my bed and I get along with the voices in my head 😁
MCR4_lyfe MCR4_lyfe Mar 05
This reminds me of a drama called "oh my ghostess" (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called)