Dates of his youth

Dates of his youth

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Coveting starts with wanting something that doesn't belong to you. 

A prince surely belongs to everyone, doesn't he?

Gina set her eyes on many men, changing them as soon as someone better came along. 

But when Hayden Henderson walked into her life she couldn't decide if it was the billions attached to his wallet that she was attracted to, his title or him. 

Either way, she was going to have him, she had decided. 

Starstruck, and obsessive, she went after him like her life depended on it. 

He is no prey though. A hunter in his own right.  Gina finds herself in a game of seduction with a man who just doesn't seem to bat an eyelash no matter what she does.

What will it take to make Prince Hayden Maximus Henderson look her way?

Don't blink!

You never know, one moment could be history in the making, and you might miss it.

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