Kidnapped By The Gangleaders

Kidnapped By The Gangleaders

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Aria Jesston and Mackenzie Daniel's are best friends. always will be and always have been.

Everything is going good for them until they cross paths with two devilishly sexy teens. Arsen Millers and Ryan Smith

They all go to the same school.
until one night Aria and Mackenzie are partying and coming home from a long night of partying.

Until hands wrap around their mouths and their worlds go black.

Who could be behind this kidnapping? only the two most feared gang leaders in the entire world.

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Umm question how does she know what breathing in hand sanitiser smells like
U not supposed to breathe in if a stranger who just killed someone or a stranger period puts a cloth over your mouth and nose😂😂
It always someone trippen and falling when there in danger and it had to be aria I'm dead😂😂