I saved his life and in return I got immortality. InLoveWithAVamp [9]

I saved his life and in return I got immortality. InLoveWithAVamp [9]

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KatLee By KatLee Updated Dec 13, 2009

Fion's POV

"You don't understand. I think she's been kidnapped," I mumbled. I was sat with my legs across the two seats opposite my friend Larry, my back leaning against the wall. Twice I'd thrown bits of fluff off the chair at him to get his attention, but he was being exceptionally grumpy today.

"Oh give it a rest; you don't know what you're saying. She seems perfectly happy with him," Larry replied, not taking his eyes off the stupid book he'd been reading for the last few days.

"Give me that bloody book," I hissed, lunging forwards and grabbing the book off him. Panic flared across Larry's face and he reached out a few times, waving his arms in the air to try and get his damn book back. Ah, poor lad- he'll never have quick reflexes like me.

"If you lay off the pies you might have a chance. You should let me help you get fit-"

"Shut up Fion you Irish bastard. Gimme the book back- it was just getting good."

I looked down at the page he was reading and quickly skimmed the page. ...

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xxPoisonSapphirexx xxPoisonSapphirexx Sep 16, 2010
 i am just now readin this story and all i cud think is."y the hell didnt i read it any sooner??... ur characters have been potrayed brilliantly...u r such an amazing author..just wow :)
fairbeauty16 fairbeauty16 Jul 28, 2010
fion is so funny i hope he becomes good friends with them lol
oXShadowXo oXShadowXo Dec 14, 2009
I love it.
                              Fion is so funny. 
                              And wow it's just al so wow!
                              I'm so happy that he's her boyfriend! :D
                              CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT POST!
baybiepnay baybiepnay Dec 14, 2009
aww!! <3 it!! soo great!!!
                              love victoria  and dorian together!! aww and they are boyfriend and girlfriend!! my heart melted when they were talking about it and their "thing"!! hehe soo good!!
                              love it all!! great job! =] 
sondra sondra Dec 14, 2009
oh i've been waiting for this story. 
                              finally they're in Caledonia
                              fion's a fun character
                              and Dorian's a sweetheart 
                              upload soon =)