A one-shot (single-chapter short story) of Bella's wedding day, described in exquisite detail...and with quite a twist at the end....
            "She was utterly breathtaking.
    	Sure, she wobbled just a little as she started down the aisle on her father's arm. Only my sharpened sight noticed the slight catch in her stride and the nervous tightening of her hand on Charlie's arm. 
    	But that was my Bella." --The opening lines of "Her Wedding Day"
this was amazing. i really thought this was Edward n Bella wedding day. thats why i was wondering how come Edward said so much about his soul. when he opposes the very idea of him having a soul. Awesome.....
@Cassandra Lowery You're such a good writer you make me want to write your  INSPIRATION to me keep writing especially your twilight fan five I LOVE READING THEM LOL LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS IAM A BIG FAN
So beautifully written! I loved the twist at the end! Never stop writing, you're amazing at it! :D
I love it when authors do this... Pull out the unexpected!! Aww poor Jacob, at least he isn't heartbroken in the end... Amazing once again xx
That was awesome....!!!!  Totally loved it!!!!  At first I felt it was Edward who was describing their wedding...  But it turned out to be Jacob... It is really touching...  Every twilight fan should read this Atlest once..
I LUV the twist at the end!! This one-shot was great!! It is very well written! 
                                    P.s I love the cover