I saved his life and in return I got immortality. InLoveWithAVamp [2]

I saved his life and in return I got immortality. InLoveWithAVamp [2]

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KatLee By KatLee Updated Aug 20, 2009

Stanley O'Donnell was a fairly new vampire. 

Approximately 11months ago he'd paid around thirty thousand to be bitten and transformed- with the promise of immortality and a high paying job. When he was a human he had worked in the same factory all his life, had been married for just over 25 years and had four beautiful kids.

Most men when they have a midlife crisis splash their life savings on a sports car, or a motorbike. Not our Stanley.

As he lay on the cold floor, crushed under concrete and lying next to his severed leg- he wished he'd gone for the sports car. 

The fight had been raging for days above ground. Now they were trying to get underground.

Stanley was one of the fifty guards charged with protecting the five princes of The Capital. Only a handful of guards were still alive, most were dead. Unknown to Stanley- he too would be joining them in just under five minutes.

Lying on the floor he observed the chaos around him.

He watched as a brown haired girl ran into the ro...

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karmagurl101 karmagurl101 Dec 27, 2010
Haha. That was an awesome ending. :)
                               I was smiling the whole story. 
xchazjjjx xchazjjjx Aug 14, 2010
the great ass thing just made that story even flippin better :D
silverkiss silverkiss Feb 23, 2010
yup yup definatly hooked! must read more! but need sleep more lol 
sweetiepie08 sweetiepie08 Aug 20, 2009
hahaha. i love the way you ended it. it's so funny. i can't wait for her to tell him about her power. this is getting so good. woo hooo!!