My Fake Boyfriend

My Fake Boyfriend

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My first day at my new school and im really nervous.  My name is Alix Garcia,im 16 years old,i have long blond hair and blue eyes.  Right now my mother and I  we are driving to school.   

"D'ont worry Alix you will be fine," my mom said.She looks like me but older,and right now she was getting on my nerves  

"Mom,i havent said a word since we left,relax," i replied rolling my eyes.  

"You're right sorry honey."  

"Its okay."  

"Oh look were here"she said  

I got out of the car,when i looked up i never would have guessed that the school would be that BIG.  I said goodbye to my mother and headed for the front office.once i got there i saw a women with really short hair,alot of makeup brown eyes."Can i help you?"she aked.

"oh ya im Alix Garcia ,im new here"i said  

" Yes we've been expecting you go.have a nice day"  

I left with the papers to my locker.when i got to my locker i started to look at my schedual.  

"okay lets see"i muttered.I had science first then math.i w...

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chiomzy_80 chiomzy_80 May 05
Somtin bout fake boyfriends. I guess they'll grow to actually fall in love with u
BeautyBreakdown3 BeautyBreakdown3 Dec 03, 2009
My Fake Boyfriend i lvoe looking at titles that for some reason make me laugh idk why so dont bother askingg butttt loveeee itttttt
PGEchic PGEchic Jul 12, 2009
Its good s far just the typing skills maybe you should re-read before you post but other than that it was rly good especally for your first piece. Don't get discouraged and keep the parts coming.
JayeHEART JayeHEART Jun 20, 2009
M.Jackson LOL x)
                              btw, u sure put alot of fullstops everywhere :/ but the stories good, i like it <3 (:
--xCl0uD --xCl0uD Jun 19, 2009
hey...tnx 4 reading my story...My turn 2 read urs ^_~
                              it's great! interesting title...luv it^^
Happy4living Happy4living Jun 12, 2009
It will be more interesting if you go into detail while the character enters a room or something but other than that great intro! :D
                              Keep going hun!