Rising to Oppose

Rising to Oppose

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Kitty By kittyrascalmeow Completed

Their war has come to Earth….
Nothing will ever be the same….
And there’s nothing they can do about it.

11 years ago, a war bettween two alien races broke out on Earth; leaving it in ruins. Among the human survivors was a girl name Zarethea. 
Due to the alien war, a radiation was released into the Earth's atmosphere. Zarethea and many others have gained strange abilites because of this. When she finds out that the radiation is slowly killing her and she doesn't have long to live, Zarethea heads out on a mission to kill as many of the alien creatures as possible, vowing that she would not go down without a fight.

Witness the forces that are Rising to Opppose.....

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claudyboo claudyboo Jan 22, 2012
ohhh! shivers :3 I love this story! I remember I read t before but I dont remember it that well! So I am going to read it again! Because I do remember something! I remember I was in love with it! <3
kittyrascalmeow kittyrascalmeow Sep 01, 2010
@MoonWindStar Hahaha, I'm glad you like it! Enjoy the other 21 Chapters! :D I can't wait to see what you think. Thanks for becoming a fan!
MoonWindStar MoonWindStar Sep 01, 2010
amazing! love that last line. it gave me goosebumps!
                              "My name is Zarethea, and things are about to change...
SpaceLegends SpaceLegends Aug 08, 2010
Nice premise.  Your succinct prologue has whet my appetite, so I will read on.
Axiom410 Axiom410 Jul 13, 2010
O_O i know i shouldmt be reading online at work... but im sorr syked to read the next part! keep it up! im risking my job lol