Under His Skin (BOYxBOY)

Under His Skin (BOYxBOY)

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Kayden Scott.

His life isn't the ideal life for a 16 year old boy. For one, he's bisexual. In the closet, but it's still a trouble. 2, his Father died and his Mother now has a boyfriend. 

What's bad about that? Daniel is an abusive man who doesn't hesitate to hit or rape Kayden. Not only that, he forces Kayden to sleep with men for money. Kayden is basically broken, and no one seems to be able to fix him.

But all that changes when Mr. James Hudson becomes his new English teacher. At first, James is horrible to Kayden. He thinks Kayden is the average troublemaker who sleeps around and drinks and parties. But after he finds Kayden standing over a bridge, ready to jump and end his life, James realizes the horros Kayden has to put up with.

James is desperate to help and promises that he will do so. But as he's also bisexual, he can't help his feelings for Kayden grow. And to make it even more worse, Kayden feels the exact same way.

It doesn't matter that they're teacher and student, teenager and adult, broken and bruised. All that matters is James is willing to do anything for Kayden, and Kayden is willing to do anything for James.

Their love is forbidden, but that doesn't mean it's not real. 


Liz_XP Liz_XP Oct 04
I fukin knew it that blonde fuker was the teachers brother!!!
Liz_XP Liz_XP Oct 03
If I was kayden that teacher would had been flat on his back by now!! Da fuq!!
I BURT OUT LAGHING OMG ^^^ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Liz_XP Liz_XP Oct 03
I just wanna jump in the book & take kayden away from this fuker!! *hugs kayden*
Liz_XP Liz_XP Oct 03
Meh XC my poor baby I'm adopting you kayden!! 
                              I should stop adopting so many characters lol I already have more than ten adopted teens lol
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