Catching a Spark

Catching a Spark

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AronIsHere By AronIsHere Updated Oct 21, 2013

Innovation is not immaculate conception, it is a process. To be honest, its a process that tends to be enjoyable when done properly; a kin to the opposite of immaculate conception I guess.

So what can we learn from the "original" innovation. Ug and Thug sitting around a freshly hunted saber-tooth [insert current living animal with large Flintstone teeth here]. Though Ug and Thug loves themselves a good carpaccio, they where several thousand years away from the invention of tuffle oil; so each bite was definitely lacking that je ne sais quoi.

Then it hit them. Lightning. Literally.

So Ug drags himself off the ground to see Thug smoking a little bit still. And it appears his loin cloth is smoldering. Ug, the curious pre-neanderthal, touches the smoldering loin cloth and in a wave of hot and pain, he has a flash of brilliance (not quite as bright, mind you as the flash he had just experienced). Fire....that could be good. And the first innovation had occurred.

So how the hell do two s...