Percy Jackson meets The chosen one//In Rewrite//Discontinued

Percy Jackson meets The chosen one//In Rewrite//Discontinued

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Percy Jackson is a very powerful demigod. Having gone through two wars he has seen things no one could even imagine. 

Because of the mist no on can actually see it, but he can, and he's actually lived through it.

With his friends luckily alive he must now take the lead of a man that looks like Gandalf.

With him is a mini Percy, with a red head and a girl with brown fuzzy hair.

Not knowing for sure, or not yet, he may have to go through his third war, but this one will be different.


Harry Potter is worried for his last remaining family, Sirius black, accused a murderer he is on the run.

They have made a group called the order of the Phoenix and they must defeat the dark lord.

They have no help however, Dumbledore has been ignoring harry since his hearing.

With no help they are loosing hope that things will turn out well.