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Princess Of Destruction- Under MAJOR Editing: DO NOT READ

Princess Of Destruction- Under MAJOR Editing: DO NOT READ

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Knights By I-Am-Ariiiii Completed

Meet Tori Kenworth, or should I say Tori Mercer, the daughter of the 3 gods ( god, moon goddess , lucifer) and all the supernatural beings combined.   

When Tori was just a newborn baby, she was kidnapped from her birth parents and was left in the middle of the forest until a father(rick) came patrolling and saw the crying baby. he was amazed because of the eyes  and beauty of the baby and decided to adopt her.

As years passed Tori's parents died protecting her.because of this, her brother Trent, blames Tori for his parents death and so does everyone else, as she grows, so does her powers. The powers of all the 3 most powerful gods and their creation which makes her a walking destructo machine and with her powers. She can deside whether save the world from destruction, or destroy the world herself.  

WARNING this book contains violence, bad language, minor spelling and grammar mistakes, NO sexual contents....


#42 in werewolf

I love the Heart Of The Winter Wolf. I just finish reading it and it was the best book that I ever read! LITERALLY! But I kinda disappointed that Crystal died in the end. God I love her character. sorry,just babbling. but I'm sure that this book will be amazing.
Did anybody relize that Tori sounds like Toni from this author's I am the Assasin book?
I a the Assassin is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. One of my top time favorites
I'm just gonna say that's Zeus, Artemis, and Hades..a.wait that's incest....
Wait..... does this mean God, Lucifer, and the moon goddess had an orgy..... Omg I can't get that image out if my head.
                              *shivers in disgust*
Hey, hey, what did the poor tree ever do to you? Take it out on a house or something. The tree never did anything to you.