How many of us like taking exams?
    Well, I know I do.
    Read this to find out how I cope during an exam.
    *Warning* This includes realness!
1: who is Tea?
                                    2:you got quite a few teach names wrong 
                                    3: i do not talk bull
                                    4: that was the pre-lim wasnt it ?
                                    5: this has made me chuckle :) 
                                    ^_^ I lobe choo Maggie ^_^
@KIDmimi Lol yeah we had to do french :P but the whole power stuff sounds cool - you could figure out how to be the next President of the USA lol ;P
History rs french food and triple science @KIDmimi what do you do in sociology? x
@KIDmimi yeah i suppose i also hate food exams there so hard! What have you taken?
Ok your gonna think that i'm a swot or something but science is actually my best subject your story is what happens to me in English Lit exams :P I swear i revise loads for it but in the exam I just panick and lose it all :/ x
@KIDmimi I know :( your in year 11 rite? how did your mocks go x