Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fan Fiction Novel)

Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fan Fiction Novel)

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April Love By DamonsLoveSlave Updated Jan 14

What if Elena had a twin sister? Well, in this story she does. Her name is Eliana or Elli. When Eliana moves back home from London, 3 years after her parents death, she finds out that there's more to Mystic Falls than what she thought. 

She finally learns about who she is & that she's adopted. But not only that, she also learns about Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Originals, & a doppelgänger, Katherine, who is set on terrorizing her and Elena. 

When she comes home, after being away for so long, she is introduced to the Salvatore brothers Stefan & dashing sarcastic, Damon. She finds herself falling for Damon instantly & has to face a sacrifice that will kill her. 

But what will happen? 

Will Elli confess her love to Damon?!

Will she go through with the sacrifice to save her friends & family?

Or will something happen to her before she can face her fate?

Gilbert Twins (A TVD Fan Fiction Novel)

I DO NOT OWN TVD books & show. Just the characters that I created for this fanfic novel!

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Minimonster214 Minimonster214 May 08, 2017
Shouldn't she be freaking out? Damon used vampire speed to run towards her and choke her.
-ambrollins -ambrollins May 30, 2017
I woulda said hell to no no no and I woulda walked my little áss out of there
williamshookspeare williamshookspeare Oct 31, 2017
i’m dead i’m laughing my ass of all i can think about is a early 1900s detective with a extreme boston accent saying”and i can prove it to ye” with a cigar and he just casually makes out with the criminal
-ambrollins -ambrollins May 30, 2017
"I'm older than her by 3 seconds, so atleast I'm beating her at something!"
                              And that something is not having an education
SPNxTWD SPNxTWD Sep 27, 2016
Im just going to imagine that say 3 minutes, because 3 seconds is not realistic
RyseNightrayHel RyseNightrayHel Aug 27, 2016
iPod?! Blurred lines?! What happened to Deaf Leapored or Warrent, or even some Classical ACDC