Till Death Do Us Part {Completed}

Till Death Do Us Part {Completed}

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Laney :) By xXForever_LoveXx Completed

Lacey Hannigan was never your average girl.   


Because she can see ghosts.  

In a new town, she feels like she can finally move on with her life, and feels like she has a better grip on herself than ever.  

Until Finn McDermott enters, the ghost of a hot, arrogant quarterback that disappeared nine months ago.  

And Lacey doesn’t know what’s scarier to her.  

The fact that everything she thought she knew was all a lie.  

Or the fact that Finn, one by one, is slowly undoing all of the hard work Lacey put up to protect herself and her gift.  

And that she doesn’t mind.  

Join Lacey and Finn as they work together to uncover Finn’s murder and bring justice to his death, finally freeing him from this world and allowing him to move on.  

But, when the time comes, will she be able to let him go?

Cover: CityPerson
Trailer: novemberdreamer

This brings back memories of "Dead and not buried" by makeanoffer
Oh wait. Never mind. She moved from D.C. I'm from the state of Washington
Cherokee_PR Cherokee_PR Apr 13
The correct term is spirit not ghost its disrespectful to the spirits that didn't have a chance to go onto the afterlife
It's actually it "uh-huh-yeah-sure-I-totally-believe-you" lool
For some odd reason I actually wouldn't mind trying to fight or make out with a ghost
Skai_Kwin Skai_Kwin Mar 12
Oh. Before you just said Washington and I thought you meant the state and I was like "what I love Washington " and then here you say "D.C." and I'm like oh. Ok