The Compromised Duchess

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Marie By painismydrug Completed
Sixteen year old Lady Laurel Abbington discovers passion and desire in the arms of two men- Lord Giles Rosehaven, a dashing young marquis in whose arms she feels safe and secure. Then there is the arrogant insufferable Duke of Roxborough, Lord Thomas Grayson, who steals kisses and insults her at every turn.
    But appearances can be deceiving, a lesson Laurel is forced to find out the hard way.
Finished it awhile ago, and just wanted to say that I utterly enjoyed it! The language was quite a unique choice and was written very well.
Read it 3x now :3 just cant help it.. i'm a fan of the classical and romatic period..
I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and when I saw his picture up there I got really excited and now I already love this book!!! You are such a great writer!
Yesterday, I found this story. I also found that I just couldn't put it down. In just 24 hours I finished it. It was so easy to get wrapped. The details were amazing, I could picture just about every character and setting. You are very talented! Thank you!
I want them together lol! I'm so impatient! This was a really great start, I don't usually read historical fiction but this is well written and easy to follow.
                                    Also, liking the hottie on the side :D
i only had read the blurb but from it and  the title i can guess a gist on what will happen.
                                    cant wait to read more!