|Some day| (GenjiXReader)

|Some day| (GenjiXReader)

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"Genji, give her time..." The blonde placed a hand on his shoulder, giving him a sad smile. He ignored the doctor and stared at Y/n's peaceful face... Genji held onto her hand and rubbed her knuckles. It's been weeks and she didn't wake up yet. He missed listening to her sweet voice... he missed looking into her beautiful eyes... her breathtaking smile... he loved every single detail about her. Genji sighed, his eyes never leaving her face. 

"Please... Please come back to me..."

(Warning!) you could get triggered by something's in this. Don't blame me, blame my humor ?? enjoy!

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LeenaTheFuckingThing LeenaTheFuckingThing Oct 07, 2017
Wow thank lol XD I'm already an idiot so don't worry sad face
luigink luigink Aug 08, 2017
Wow first chapter and I'm already in tears...THANKS AUTHOR-CHAN!!!
Indi_Undi Indi_Undi Aug 07, 2017
Wether I wanted too or not I wouldnt go near the door, when I'd wake up, id go back to sleep
Cepbkrn Cepbkrn Dec 15, 2017
Nuuuu I want Gabe to be mah Papi. 
                              Me: “PAAAAPPPPIIII HE HIT ME!!”
                              Gabe: *ults on their ass*
ACombs19 ACombs19 May 30, 2017
id probably get inti this story more if it was gender neutral 😔
baebycca baebycca Dec 01, 2016
I have 2 minutes to go to class and here I am re-reading(? this